How To Repair Msvcrt.dll on Windows XP

By Ruri Ranbe

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Msvcrt.dll provides a collection of library functions to programs using Microsoft Visual C++, or MSVC. If msvcrt.dll is corrupted or infected with a virus, error messages related to the _resetstkoflw function will appear. In that case, programs that use msvcrt.dll will not run properly, and your system may become unstable.

To repair errors related to msvcrt.dll, you can overwrite the corrupted or infected file with the msvcrt.dll file stored on your Windows XP CD.

Step 1

Insert your Windows XP CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive, then restart your computer. Press any key to boot from your optical drive.

Step 2

Press \"R\" when the Welcome screen appears. Log in as an administrator.

Step 3

Type \"cd system32\" and hit \"Enter.\" Type \"ren msvcrt.dll msvcrt.bak\" and hit \"Enter\" again.

Step 4

Type \":\", replacing \"\" with the drive letter corresponding to your optical drive. Hit \"Enter.\"

Step 5

Type \"cd \i386\" and hit \"Enter.\" Type \"expand msvcrt.dl_ :\windows\system32.\" Replace \"\" with the drive letter corresponding to your computer's local hard drive. Usually the drive letter is designated as \"C.\"

Step 6

Press \"Enter.\" Type \"exit\" and press \"Enter.\" Restart your computer and remove the Windows XP CD from your computer. Boot to Windows XP as normal.