How to Repair Mouse & Keyboard Drivers

by Nina Nixon
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Two of the most utilized computer hardware components are the mouse and the keyboard. With so many different types of these kinds of devices available such as ergonomic, rechargeable, mobile, Bluetooth or wireless, it's important that the appropriate drivers communicate with your computer's microprocessor, otherwise your session's agility will be adversely affected. The best time for a computer mishap like this to happen is, "Never."

Step 1

The way to repair these drivers is simply to update them. Click on "Administrative Tools" from the Start menu. Next, choose "Computer Management" and then "Device Driver."

Step 2

Click on the expansion node next to "Keyboards" to show the list of installed hardware. Right-click on a desired keyboard and select "Update Driver."

Repeat Step 1 and select the expansion node next to "Mice" to show the list of installed computer mice. Right-click on a desired mouse and select "Update Driver."


  • Some drivers, although newly created, may still pose a compatibility problem. If stability issues still linger after the mouse and keyboard drivers are updated, repeat Steps 1 and 2 with one variation: In Step 2, select "Rollback Driver" instead of "Update Driver." Keep in mind that ultimately, if a compatible driver cannot be found through the Windows Catalog website, you may have to uninstall the hardware and reinstall another keyboard or mouse.

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