How to Repair Mitsubishi TVs

by Kayla Lowe

Mitsubishi is a popular brand of televisions found in many homes. Whereas the electronics market has mostly shifted to plasma and LCD televisions, many homes still use projection versions. As home repair is quite expensive, sometimes it pays to troubleshoot and do your own repairs if possible. If your Mitsubishi television no longer operates correctly, it could be the projection lamp that needs repair.

Reset the default component settings to ensure that your television isn't set incorrectly. Also reset the television controls and the remote control to ensure they are not creating the problem either. If the problem still isn't resolved, proceed to step 2.

Ensure that the projection lamp bulb is completely cooled and that the television is unplugged.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew and remove the lamp component cover.

Unscrew the lamp cartridge located on the rear of the television. Note that these screws do not completely come out of their assembly but simply loosen the lamp assembly.

Remove the old projection lamp by unscrewing it and replace it with a new one. Secure the lamp cartridge with screws and replace the cover and screw it back on tightly.


  • check Mitsubishi does not offer estimates on the life of its television projection lamps, so replace them as needed.


  • close Do not touch the lamp itself, as finger oils can damage the lamp.

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