How to Repair a Mitsubishi Big Screen TV

By Billy Kirk

Your Mitsubishi's display may require demagnetization through the use of a magnetic coil.
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While many rely on a TV technician to troubleshoot and repair their televisions, you can perform repairs on your Mitsubishi TV even if you have never dabbled in such repair before. Other than a magnetic coil, no special tools are required in order to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from cable adjustments to demagnetization fixes to video input switching. It is likely that a quick fix is all that is necessary to repair your Mitsubishi TV.

Step 1

Check your Mitsubishi TV's power cable. Ensure that this cable has not come loose from the source of power (either the wall outlet or a surge protector/power strip). While an obvious fix, sometimes these quick fixes are most likely to be the ones that can repair an ailing television.

Step 2

Check the coaxial cable. This cable plugs into a port on the back of the Mitsubishi TV via the "ANT IN" port. If it is at all loose, it can cause "noise" on the TV's display in the form of quickly moving white dots that distort the image. Tighten the coaxial cable in the "ANT IN" port to improve the quality of the picture.

Step 3

Observe your A/V cable and make sure its prongs are plugged into the correct ports on the back of the Mitsubishi TV. The A/V cable has a set of prongs on either end, with each set consisting of one white, one red and one yellow prong. Each prong should be plugged into its color-matching A/V ports on the back of the Mitsubishi TV and the color-matching A/V ports on the back of your cable or satellite box. If the prongs have been switched and don't match the color of their A/V ports, make the proper adjustments.

Step 4

Locate the "Video Input" button, which will be on the top left of your Mitsubishi TV remote. Hit this button multiple times to cycle through the available video inputs. If you have used an external device such as a DVD player or game system recently, you may have forgotten to switch the A/V input back to the one associated with your cable/satellite box, resulting in a TV that lacks sound and picture. Move through the available inputs until audio and video are restored.

Step 5

Use a large magnetic coil to demagnetize your Mitsubishi TV. Irregular blotches may have appeared on your TV's display due to magnetization, which can occur when another electronic device has been placed too close to your display for too long. Wave your magnetic coil slowly in front of every inch of your screen, moving it in broad circles. This should serve to demagnetize the screen and remove the blotches.