How to Repair a Magellan

by Jason Taetsch

Magellan manufactures GPS receivers that provide turn-by-turn voice directions and map navigation from a global positioning system directly to your car or other vehicle. If your Magellan experiences an error or freezes, you have a couple of options to return it to a better operating condition. Use the "Reset" button if your receiver comes with one, or restore the GPS to factory settings to get it back into working order.

With Reset Button


Turn off the GPS and back on again. If the problem still persists, use the "Reset" button to repair the receiver.


Turn on the Magellan.


Press and hold the "Reset" button for up to 10 seconds. The Reset button is located on the bottom of Magellan GPS receivers. The receiver will reset and power off.


Connect the GPS to the power cable or turn it back on and the unit will be returned to the factory operating condition.

Restore Factory Settings


Turn on the Magellan GPS and press the "Settings" option from the main screen.


Tap the "Backup And Restore" option.


Press the "Restore All Default Settings" option to return the Magellan to the factory settings.

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