How to Repair a LCD Screen

By Ezekiel James

Learn to repair an LCD screen.
i laptop image by Jorge Figueiredo from

It is frustrating when your laptop's LCD screen goes bad. Before giving it away or recycling it, though, consider repairing the LCD screen yourself. There are two components that, if not working properly, can render your LCD screen inoperable: the power inverter and the backlight lamp. The power inverter gives power to the backlight lamp, and the backlight lamp allows you to view images on your LCD screen. Easily remove and replace these two components for the fraction of the cost of a new LCD screen.

Remove/Replace Inverter

Turn off your laptop, disconnect the power cable and any miscellaneous cables or external devices. Close the LCD screen, place it face-down and then remove the battery from its compartment.

Place the laptop face-up, and then use a flat-head screwdriver to pry up the keyboard/hinge cover located between the keyboard and LCD screen assembly.

Remove the Phillips-head screws from the front bezel, or cover of the LCD screen. Some laptop models will have Phillips-head screws along the outer right and left-hand edges of the LCD screen. The number of retaining screws varies from laptop to laptop. Remove the front bezel and set it aside.

Locate the inverter along the inside of the bottom edge of the LCD screen. The inverter looks like a small motherboard. Lift the inverter out from the inside bottom edge of the LCD screen. Disconnect the cables from either side of the inverter board, and then remove the inverter from the LCD screen and set it aside.

Install the new inverter by repeating this procedure in reverse.

Removing/Replacing the Backlight Lamp

Repeat steps 1 through 4 in Section 1 to gain access to the LCD screen. Lift the LCD screen out of the back panel casing. Place the LCD screen face-down on a clean, padded and flat surface.

Remove all foil tape from the back of the LCD screen, and then place the tape aside with the sticky side facing upward so you can re-use it later. Remove the tape that is securing the backlight cable in place, from the bottom edge of the LCD screen.

Remove the circuit board from the back of the LCD screen very carefully. The circuit board is glued to the back of the LCD screen. Take your time while removing it. Try not to bend or flex the circuit board.

Place the LCD screen vertically, and then push on the metal latches located along the outer edge of LCD screen. The metal latches secure the front part of the LCD frame to the back part. Work your way around the LCD frame until the front and back LCD frames are completely separated from each other.

Remove the transparent layers from inside the LCD screen frame. Carefully set them aside. Do not touch their surface. Remove the backlight from the LCD screen frame. Install the new backlight lamp by repeating the previous steps in reverse order.