How to Repair a Laptop LCD Cable (7 Steps)

By Ty Arthur

i Dell

The convenience provided by the portability of a laptop computer can become a hindrance if the screen malfunctions---you cannot simply connect a new monitor as you can with a desktop system. If the back light on the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen of your laptop has failed, you will not be able to see any images. To fix the problem, the entire inverter board and its connected LCD cable will need to be manually replaced.

Step 1

Check the manual that came with your laptop or navigate your web browser to the support section of the manufacturer's website. Find out what exact model of inverter board you need for your computer. Purchase a matching inverter board.

Step 2

Shut down the laptop's operating system entirely. Close the LCD screen lid. Turn the whole laptop over so the bottom end of the case is facing up toward you. Locate the battery-release latch and press down on it with one hand. Use your other hand to pull the battery out of the case and then set the laptop battery aside.

Step 3

Turn the laptop computer back over and open the LCD screen back up. Slide a flat and thin object, such as a screwdriver, directly underneath the seam of the plastic bezel underneath the LCD screen. Wiggle the screwdriver up and down gently until the bezel pops off the case. Lift the bezel up and check to see if there is a cable running to the motherboard. Disconnect the cable if there is one. Set the bezel aside.

Step 4

A rubber stopper piece

Locate the rubber stopper pieces along the edges and at the top of the LCD screen. Pop the stopper pieces off of the case by inserting a flat object underneath them and then pulling out toward you. Use a screwdriver to pull out the screws hidden underneath the stoppers.

Step 5

Pull the casing on the screen outwards toward you. Remove it entirely from the laptop and set it aside. Locate the inverter board at the bottom of the screen and find the cable running from the inverter board to the motherboard. Pull off the strip of tape on the board and remove the screws holding it in place if there are any on your particular model of laptop. Disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

Step 6

Remove the inverter board and its cable and discard them. Set the replacement inverter board in its place and connect the new cable to the corresponding port on the motherboard. Reattach the cover on the LCD screen and reconnect the screws and the rubber stoppers.

Step 7

Reconnect the motherboard cable to the plastic bezel and place the bezel back onto the laptop case. Put the battery back into the laptop and power it on. Wait for the manufacturer's logo to appear on the screen to make sure you installed the new inverter board and cable properly.