How to Repair the Firmware on My TomTom

By Si Kingston

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TomTom GPS devices can suffer from firmware issues that cause the on-screen keyboard to stop responding to your touch, the screen to freeze, or the device does not find and display navigation instructions. If the firmware on your TomTom GPS stops operating correctly, you can install firmware and software updates for the device through TomTom HOME. Before updating the firmware, you should reset the device. Resetting the device may help to resolve any firmware errors.

Reset TomTom

Step 1

Turn the TomTom off.

Step 2

Remove the memory card from your TomTom, if applicable.

Step 3

Follow instructions to reset your model of TomTom device. Navigate to TomTom Support for instructions for your specific model (see Resources). Some TomTom devices require that you stick a pin in the "Reset" hole located on the bottom of the unit and push the pin in until the device powers on. Other models require that you press and hold down the "Power" button until the device restarts. Once the TomTom device restarts, it will reset itself. If resetting the device doesn't resolve the firmware issues, you can install firmware updates.

Reinstall TomTom Firmware

Step 1

Download TomTom HOME (see Resources). Follow the prompts to install the software on your computer.

Step 2

Launch TomTom HOME.

Step 3

Connect the TomTom GPS to the computer using the USB cable. Turn on the TomTom GPS. Follow prompts to tap "Yes" on the GPS screen to connect the device to your computer.

Step 4

Click the "Preferences" menu in TomTom HOME and select "Check for Update," if TomTom HOME doesn't automatically search for updates.

Step 5

Click the "Download" button to install all available firmware updates.