How to Repair the DVD Player on a Computer

By Ty Arthur

Repair the DVD Player on a Computer
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DVD drives on a computer can stop functioning for a variety of reasons related to both physical hardware failures and software changes. Rather than buying a whole new drive at the first sign of trouble, try several different troubleshooting steps to get the DVD player working properly again.

Check the LED light on the drive and see if it turns on while the computer is powered on. Press the eject button on the front of the drive and wait to see if the disk tray pops out or remains in the drive.

Restart the computer and press the eject button again in case the computer stopped recognizing the drive. Place a small flat object such as an unfolded paper-clip end in between the seams of the DVD drive disk tray. Pull it gently outwards towards you to see if there is an object blocking the tray from opening on its own.

Navigate to the "Control Panel" in your computer's "Start" menu. Click on the icon labeled "Device Manager." Scroll down through the list of options and click on the plus sign next to the entry that says "DVD/CD-ROM Drives." Right click on the name of the DVD drive and click on "Update Driver Software."

Click on "Search For Drivers" on the new window that will appear and wait for the driver to finish downloading. Restart the computer again and attempt to use the drive.

Eject the disk tray if the drive has power and place a lens cleaning DVD inside. Close the tray and then wait for the lens cleaning program to automatically start. Click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and then double click the DVD drive if your computer doesn't automatically start the lens cleaning. Check the instructions that came with the lens cleaning disc to see how long the DVD should continue spinning. Eject the disc once the correct amount of time has elapsed. Place another DVD in the tray and try using the drive again.

Power off the computer and pull out all of the cables from the back side of the case. Set the computers on its side and remove the case screws on the top and bottom ends. Slide the case panel off.

Take out the screws holding the DVD drive into the drive bay. Slide the drive out and spray it off with canned air. Spray out the drive bay to remove any dust particles. Put the drive back into the bay and re-connect the screws. Remove the SATA cable that runs from the DVD drive to the power supply and replace it with a new one (see Resources below).

Put the side panel back on the case. Reconnect the screws and then reattach all of the cables. Power the computer on and attempt to use the DVD drive again.