How to Repair a Defective DVD New Disk

By HilaryPost

Fix your new DVDs so they play correctly.
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As an optical medium, DVD discs are susceptible to operating errors. The slightest amount of dirt or scratching can cause problems for the laser that reads the discs which is why it's important to keep the discs in top condition. Sometimes, even new DVDs straight out of the box can be subject to dirt or damage caused in shipping or manufacture. This can often be fixed with a little cleaning and repair.

Try the DVD in a second drive, such as your computer or a friend's player, to make sure it is the disc that is at fault and not your player.

Clean the DVD with a lint-free cleaning cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. Pay particular attention to circular streaks caused during manufacturing, as these cause the most errors for players.

Hold the disc up to the light and look at the label side. If the disc's silver or gold data layer has scratches or marks that show all the way through to the label side, the disc has been irreparably damaged during manufacturing or shipping and must be replaced. If the bottom side of the disc bears surface scratches that do not show through, these can usually be fixed with resurfacing paste.

Apply a nickel-sized blob of resurfacing paste to the surface of the disc and use a tissue to rub the paste into the disc's bottom side using vigorous circular motions. Keep rubbing until the paste has been entirely rubbed into the disc, then wipe off the edges and try the disc again.

Contact the seller if the above steps do not return the DVD to working order, as the disc has been irreparably damaged prior to purchase.