How to Repair Corrupt WordPerfect Files

by Kyle McBride
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WordPerfect by Corel is a word processing program. Tags, styles and format coding used in the documents may occasionally cause a WordPerfect file to become corrupt and display an error when you try to open it. This can be very disheartening after you've spent time working on that document. The WPLOOK utility available from Corel is included in the WordPerfect Software Developer Kit. This utility can remove the styles and format codes and thus may recover a corrupt document.

Step 1

Open your browser, then go to Save the file on your hard drive in a location you can find.

Step 2

Locate the file on your hard drive, then double-click the wplook.exe file to launch the WPLOOK utility.

Step 3

Click the "Repair Document" tab. Click to put a checkmark in all boxes in the "Repair" section.

Step 4

Click "File" to open the File menu, then click "Open." Navigate to the file you wish to repair. Select the file, then click "Open."

Step 5

Click "Repair," then wait a moment as WPLOOK begins to repair the file.

Click "Yes" when asked if you wish to overwrite the old file with the new one.


  • The WPLOOK utility may need to be run more than once on the file to recover it. If the new file does not open, run WPLOOK again.
  • Depending on the source of the corruption and the extent to which the file has been corrupted, WPLOOK may not recover the file for you. When making large, complex documents, save the document under a different name periodically during the document's progression. If the main document becomes corrupt and is unrecoverable, you can go to the last saved backup of it so as not to lose the entire body of work.

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