How to Repair a Corrupt Master File Table

by TS Jordan

The master file table is a portion of new technology file systems (NTFS) that store information regarding all files and directories on a particular drive, making it a crucial part of your computer. Repairing a corrupt master file table is accomplished by using the disk repair tools in your operating system, a procedure that will take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour depending on the state and speed of your hard drive and computer.

Step 1

Click "Start," "Programs" and open "Accessories."

Step 2

Right-click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator."

Step 3

Type "chkdsk x: /r" and press "Enter," replacing "x" with the letter of the drive containing the corrupt master file table.

Step 4

Press "Y" to confirm the scan and repair.

Restart your computer. The PC will automatically scan the drive for errors at start-up, repairing errors that are found and repairing the master file table.


About the Author

TS Jordan is an Ohio licensed attorney living and practicing out of the Cleveland area. In addition to his Juris Doctorate, he holds a Bachelors' Degree in Information Systems. He has been writing professionally for less than a year.

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