How to Repair a CB Radio

by Contributor

There are millions of Citizen Band (CB) radio users in America, and the CB radio has become a common automobile accessory. CB radios are built to last but occasionally a CB radio may require repair. Home CB radio enthusiasts can easily handle most CB radio repairs.

Start CB radio repairs by checking the state of the On/Off switch. Many CB radios with no transmission can be repaired by replacing a faulty On/Off switch.

Fix a noisy microphone by applying light oil to the contacts. The CB radio's knobs can also be maintained with the oil which will improve performance. If the knobs are loose, remove them and open up the slot a little. This will decrease slippage and reduce static.

Check the microphone sockets and aerial sockets. The sockets should fit snugly and not wiggle around. Open the sockets carefully.

Tighten all screws. This is a simple step but can eliminate many transmission and reception problems. Do not over tighten the screws.

Replace any cracked components. Damaged components can cause intermittent outages for months before they fail. To avoid long interruptions replace all cracked elements.

Clean the chassis carefully. Dust and grit can accumulate and cause a build up of heat and clog fittings. Tighten all fittings when finished.


  • close CB radio components can contain toxic materials. Wash your hands carefully after handling. Take care to properly dispose of damaged components.