How to Repair an Acer Laptop

by Paul Ramone

Acer is a manufacturer of home computing products, including laptops and desktops. If you're experiencing software problems with your Acer laptop, you can repair it with Windows' "System Restore" application. This built-in application will allow you to restore your computer to a saved point in time previous to the occurrence of the problem. Once you initiate the restore, you can rid your laptop of most defects.


Click the "Start" button on the bottom-left side of the Acer laptop's desktop and select "All Programs."


Click "Accessories," then "System Tools."


Click the "System Restore" option.


Allow the "System Restore" option to launch, then click the "Next" button.


Scan the "Date and Time" column on the left side of the window and select a "save point" that occurred before the software error or failure on your Acer laptop.


Click the "Next" button on the bottom-right side of the open window, then follow the on-screen instructions to restore your laptop to the selected save point. Once your computer restarts and restores, the "System Restore" application will launch and give you the option of returning to the previous point or saving the changes.


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