How to Repair a 1720 Smart Hard Drive

by TS Jordan

"1720 SMART hard drive" refers to a relatively rare error that occurs onscreen when the operating system detects that the hard drive is currently unstable and might be prone to failure. Repairing this drive consists of two steps--checking the drive to ensure that it is stable enough to be repaired, and rewriting the drive format using the disk tools in your operating system.


Open the "Start" menu and click on "Run."


Type in "cmd" and press "Enter."


Type in "chkdsk x:" and press "Enter," where "x" is the drive letter of the hard drive displaying the error message.


Type in "chkdsk x: /f" and press "Enter" if errors are found on the drive. This will automatically repair those drive errors.


About the Author

TS Jordan is an Ohio licensed attorney living and practicing out of the Cleveland area. In addition to his Juris Doctorate, he holds a Bachelors' Degree in Information Systems. He has been writing professionally for less than a year.