How to Get the Renewal Code for Norton

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Though most computer applications work for an indefinite amount of time after the initial installation, anti-virus and other security software, like those created by Norton, must be regularly updated. When it comes time to update your Norton security software, you can either upgrade to a new version of the software or you can choose to renew your computer's current version of Norton at a lower cost. To renew Norton products, you must have a renewal code provided by the company.

Step 1

Find the email that you received from Norton when you originally ordered your Norton security product from the Norton website. Open the email message. According to the Norton website, the renewal code for your Norton security software is listed in the email.

Step 2

Go to the Symantec website if you did not originally order your security product through the website, or if you cannot find the email sent by Norton. Click "Store" to view all of Symantec's Norton products, and then click "Upgrades & Renewals."

Step 3

Choose your Norton product from the drop-down menu under "Renew Your Subscription." Select the version of the product you have installed on your computer from the "Select Your Version" menu that appears. Then, click the "Go" button to view the renewal options.

Step 4

Click the "Renew" button to select the renewal option for your Norton product. You are automatically directed to your shopping cart. Click the "Continue" button to add your billing and payment information, and then click "Continue" again.

Get the renewal code from the Norton website when the code appears on the screen. The code also comes in an email message from Norton.


  • To determine which version of a Norton product is installed on your computer, open the Norton product by choosing "Start" and "All Programs" and click the "Support" or "About" option on the main page. The version is listed next to the product name in the window that comes up.
  • Once you have found the Norton renewal code, renew your Norton product by launching the Norton application, going to "My Account," clicking the "Renew Subscription" link and then clicking the radio button by "I have already purchased a subscription ..." and entering your renewal code in the boxes provided.


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