How to Renew a Domain Name

by Contributor

Over time domain names tend to increase in value through regular visitors and a boost in search engine rankings. If you have a domain, the last thing you want to do is not register it, thereby losing the domain to someone who only has to pay a small amount for something that is worth a lot more! That is why registering and renewing domains should be automated. Here's how to do it.

Already registered a domain? If so, you should have a control panel from your domain name registration provider.

Visit the control panel and look for the feature that allows you to renew you domain. Some services will do this automatically.

Can't find it? Look for a help section on the Web site, and if you need to contact a domain name registrar, keep in mind that they are notoriously difficult to contact. Many will even try to hide their contact details, but you will be able to find them if you look hard enough.


  • check When you register your domain try and use a service that offers an auto-renew feature.
  • check Consider registering through a bulk domain name registration service if you register a lot of domains at once.


  • close When you use domain name registration services, you are entering into two separate contracts, one with the domain name registration company and one with the company who controls the extension you have purchased.

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