How to Rename an Excel Worksheet

by Steve McDonnell

An Excel file is called a "workbook." Each workbook can contain more than one worksheet, organized as tabs along the bottom of the workbook. Excel automatically provides three worksheets when you create a new workbook, named "Sheet1," "Sheet2" and "Sheet3." You can change a sheet name by right clicking it, choosing "Rename...," typing a new name and pressing "Enter." Right-click and choose "Tab Color" to further differentiate the sheets by assigning colors to the sheet labels.

Adding and Deleting Worksheets

If you need more than three worksheets in your Excel workbook, click the "+" icon next to the last tab to add a new sheet, or right-click any tab, select "Insert..." and choose "Worksheet." After Excel inserts the new worksheet, follow the same process to rename it, if you wish. If you have unused worksheets in your workbook and you don't want them to appear, right-click the tab you want to remove and choose "Delete."

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