How to Rename Books on a Kindle

by Adele Eliot
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The Kindle is a popular portable e-book reader produced and sold by online retailer After downloading different PDF files onto their Kindles, users can then choose from several books to read while out and about without having to carry around different hardbound books. You can download Kindle e-books from However, if you want to change the name of the book or the way the title is displayed, you will need to download a library manager that lets you change or fill in missing metadata within the e-book file.

Step 1

Download the Calibre software from The software is free but the developers accept donations if you want to give something in return. This software allows you to edit the metadata of your e-book, renaming the book and changing the author. It is also capable of retrieving a book's metadata from the Internet, which could save you time. The software works with Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems and, once you are finished renaming your books, you can load them straight back onto your Kindle using Calibre.

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Use the Mobi2Mobi software from Downloaded, this can convert e-book files into .mobi files. E-books in the .mobi format are still compatible with Kindle e-readers but you can edit the title, author and cover image of books, and even add or edit the book's description. The software is free and there are different versions for different operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

Edit the book properties using Stanza. You can download this from The software enables you to read e-books on an iPhone, however the desktop version also lets you edit the title of your ebooks before exporting them to an e-reader. Stanza is free and you can transfer renamed PDFs from your computer to your Kindle using the software. It isn't compatible with books purchased specifically from Amazon for the Kindle, but it will support files from a number of other e-book producers including, and


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