How to Remove Yourself From GroupMe Texting

By William Pullman

Removing yourself from a group stops all messaging from that group.
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GroupMe creates a group chat environment between you and your friends via text messaging on your mobile phone. You receive a new text message each time a person writes to the group, which could cause problems if you have a monthly limit on text messages or if you no longer want to receive a large number of text messages. You can remove yourself from a GroupMe group using the GroupMe application on a smartphone or by sending a command through SMS text messaging. You also have the option to stop messaging from all of your GroupMe groups at once.

Step 1

Tap the group name on the smartphone application, then touch the "Settings" icon. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Leave This Group."

Step 2

Send the message "#exit" to the group number if you are using SMS messaging instead of the GroupMe application.

Step 3

Send "#STOP" to any of your group numbers, or to the GroupMe short code, to stop all GroupMe text messages. An alternative is disabling the service from the GroupMe website (link in Resources). Log in to your account, click your name and select "Profile." Click "Stop SMS Service" and then "OK" to confirm.