How to Remove Write Protection From a CF Card

By Seth Amery

CF cards cannot store new data with write protection on.
i SD Card Toolbox image by Ron-Heidelberg from

A compact flash card, or a CF card, is similar to an SD card. Both kinds of cards can be inserted into your computer to act as external storage. It's like a USB flash drive, but it can store more data and it's smaller and flatter. Compact flash cards come with a little bit of security to prevent extra files from being written to them or overwriting older files, and trying to move files to it with this security on results in a write protection error. Removing this write protection is as simple as enabling it.

Push down the little nub on the side of the card. It will be located near the top of the card on the left side when the label is facing you.

Insert the CF card into the computer.

Transfer your files onto the CF card. You will not receive a warning about write protection anymore.