How to Remove the WinDefender Virus

by Kefa Olang

WinDefender is malicious rogue anti-spyware program that gets its name from Windows Defender--the legitimate Windows spyware removal tool. WinDefender masquerades as a security tool and installs secretly on your computer. Once installed, WinDefender launches automatically when you start your computer and runs unauthorized fake scans which display false notifications claiming spyware have infected your computer so you can purchase the full fake software. It is important that you remove WinDefender from your computer quickly and safely.


Launch the task manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete together. Click the Processes. Click WinDefender2008Installer.exe and click End Process. Close the task manager by clicking the File menu and clicking Exit.


Click the Windows Start menu and click Search. Select the C: drive in the Look in box. Select the option to search all the files and folders on your computer. Search for and delete the following WinDefender files: WinDefender2008Installer.exe %UserProfile%\Desktop\Launch WinDefender 2008.lnk %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\delwdef2008.bat %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\[Random Name].tmp %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\data.dat %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\FwHookDrv.sys %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\HOSTS.hst %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Manual.URL %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\options.xml %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\reserve.dat %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\rules %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Rules.txt %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\siren.wav %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Support.URL %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\svo.scf %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\temp %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Uninstall.exe %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Uninstall_st_st_.exe %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\vfile %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\WDefDemo.exe %ProgramFiles%\WinDefender 2008\Web.URL


Click the Windows Start menu and click Run or Start Search. Launch the registry by typing regedit and pressing Enter.


Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the left pane, click SOFTWARE and click Microsoft. Click Windows, click CurrentVersion and click Uninstall. Right-click WinDefender2008 and click Delete.


Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click SOFTWARE\" Right-click and click Delete. Close the registry and right-click the Recycle Bin. Click Empty Recycle Bin. Restart your computer.

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