How to Remove the Waste Toner From the Ricoh Aficio MP3500

by Alan Sembera
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Removing the waste toner from on the Ricoh Aficio MP 3500 and C3500 copiers is probably one of the few servicing tasks you can do yourself without calling a technician. The copier stores its waste toner in easy-to remove plastic bottles you can access by removing a single screw. The machine will warn you on the control panel when the waste toner bottle is getting full, and will eventually stop working if the toner isn't removed.

Step 1

Pull open the large front panel that provides access to the toner cartridges.

Step 2

Remove the screw that secures the small panel located to the left of the first paper tray. The screw is at the top of the small panel, and becomes visible only after opening the larger panel.

Step 3

Remove the small panel to expose the waste toner bottle.

Step 4

Grasp the bottle and pull it straight out.

Step 5

Insert an empty waste toner bottle into the copier.

Screw the small panel back into place and close the large panel door. The warning message on the control panel clears automatically.


  • Follow local regulations when disposing of used toner. You best option is to return the used toner bottle to your toner cartridge provider for recycling. Never incinerate used toner or toner cartridges, as the toner dust may ignite when exposed to open flames.


  • The waste toner bottle on the C3500 isn't designed to be emptied, but you can re-use it if you're willing to risk getting dirty or making a mess. Empty the bottle in a well-ventilated area away from others and avoid inhaling the toner dust.

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