How to Remove a Virus From a Nokia

By Tyran DeWalt

Remove Nokia viruses by performing a hard reset.
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If you notice your Nokia performing erratically--shutting down and restarting by itself--it probably has a virus infection. Commwarrior and Cabir are common Nokia viruses that cause phones to perform abnormally. Viruses can infect your phone through Bluetooth file-sharing and downloading application programs. Opening malicious email attachments is another common source of obtaining Nokia viruses. Protect your phone's data and files by removing the virus as soon as you notice its symptoms.

Step 1

Remove the memory card from your Nokia phone.

Step 2

Scan the memory card on your computer to detect any infections. Delete any infected files and save the data you wish to keep.

Step 3

Type "*#7370" using the keypad and enter the security code when your phone asks for it.

Step 4

Allow the hard-reset process to finish and wait for your phone to reboot.

Step 5

Reformat your memory card before placing it back in your phone.