Can you Remove a Virus From an IPod Touch?

By Fraser Sherman

A girl wearing headphones listens to music on her iPod
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If an iPod Touch has problems, viruses are probably not the cause. Most viruses target Windows, the most common operating system, rather than Apple devices. Apple also maintains tight security on iPod Touch and other devices to reduce the risk of infection. Before looking for viruses, look for other problems.

Problem Solving

If your iPod Touch is giving you grief, the first step is to see if it's packing the most recent OS. Hook it up to iTunes on your computer. In iTunes, you can see if the OS needs updating and if it does, download the software. You can often fix audio or visual display problems by turning your iPod off and then on again. Other problems are due to bad connections between the iPod Touch and its power source or headphones. Apple has detailed troubleshooting tips online (see Resources).

Reset Everything

If your problems persist, one possible solution is to reset the iPod Touch. First, back up your iPod and sync any content you want to keep with your computer. Turn off the Find my iPhone setting if it's currently active. Then, connect your iPod Touch to your computer. Open the iTunes window for your iPod Touch and click the button for restoring factory settings. All the software will be like new again.