How to Remove a Virus From a Computer in Safe Mode

By Margaret Worthington

Remove a virus from your computer using Safe Mode.
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If a virus manages to slip by your antivirus program and you are unable to install it from your computer, you may think that there is no way to get rid of it, short of reformatting your machine. Fortunately, an option called Windows Safe Mode starts the computer in a way that makes it easier to remove viruses. Once you boot into Safe Mode, you can use your favorite antivirus program to scan the computer and remove the virus for good.

Restart your computer and wait for the splash screen to appear when it is starting back up. Start tapping the "F"8 key once every second or until you see the "Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu" appear.

Choose the type of Safe Mode for your situation. Safe Mode starts the computer in the most bare-bones configuration possible; Safe Mode with Command Prompt allows you to boot up with the option to open a command prompt; and Safe Mode with Networking gives you Safe Mode, a command prompt and internet access. Safe Mode with Networking is probably the best choice, since it will allow you to update your antivirus software from the internet.

Open your antivirus software and run a scan of your system. When the virus on your computer is found, remove it and reboot your machine. Allow it to boot up normally. The computer should now be virus free.