How to Remove Trojan Viruses for Free

by John Daniels

A computer virus is a malicious program that infects files with the intent to do harm or steal information. A trojan virus is a program that pretends to be legitimate to encourage installation. Trojans and other viruses cost consumers billions of dollars every year. Antivirus software detects trojan viruses and removes them from a computer. Antivirus software finds and removes trojan viruses through scheduled scans or real time protection. Several antivirus programs are free to install, update and use.

AVG Free Edition

Download AVG Free Edition. Install the software using the on-screen instructions.

Launch AVG Free Edition. Click the "Update now" tab and update the software.

Click the "Computer scanner" tab. Click "Scan whole computer."

All the software to scan the computer. This may take several minutes.

Click "Remove all unhealed infections." Close AVG Free Edition.

Avast! Anti-virus Free

Download Avast! Anti-virus Free. Install the software using the on-screen instructions.

Launch Avast! Anti-virus Free. Click the Maintenance tab.

Click "Update engine and virus definitions." Click "Update Program."

Click "Scan Computer." Click "Full system scan."

Click "Results." In the drop-down menu next to "Apply this action for all" select "Delete."

Click "Apply." Close Avast! Anti-virus Free.

Avira AntiVir Personal

Download Avira AntiVir Personal. Install the software using the on-screen instructions.

Launch Avira AntiVir Personal. Click on "Start update" located on the center right portion of the window. Click "Close."

Click "Scan system now" located in the bottom right portion of the window. Allow the software to scan the computer for viruses.

Click "Close" in the summary window. Click "End." Click the "View" menu, then "Administration" and then "Quarantine."

Highlight any detected viruses and click the "Delete selected objects from quarantine" button. Close Avira AntiVir Personal.


  • check Always make sure that anti-virus software is kept up to date.
  • check Scan your system regularly to detect and remove trojans and other viruses.


  • close Do not install more then one anti-virus program on a computer. Two antivirus programs on the same system may cause system errors or lower virus detection performance.
  • close The free editions of antivirus software are generally for personal use only. Do not use such software for a business without first checking the usage policy.

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