How to Remove a Trained Text Entry in a Motorola Razr

by Shawn Farner

Trained text entry, better known as predictive text, is a cell phone feature that helps you type on your phone's keypad without having to enter each individual letter. Instead, your phone attempts to predict the word you want to type based on the buttons you press. If the predictive text feature on your Motorola Razr is getting in the way of you spelling out the words you want to type, you can turn off this feature at any text entry field.


Open up any text entry field. This can be the blank field in a new text message or a text box on a mobile website.


Press the "Menu" button on your Razr.


Select the "Entry Mode" option, then select "Primary." This turns off the predictive text feature, and instead enables you to type out each individual letter of a word using your Razr's keypad.

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