How to Remove the Side Cover on the Tower of a Gateway PC Computer

by Isaiah Turning

When you purchase a Gateway computer, you may find it necessary to open your computer's case in order to remove dust from the interior or to make upgrades and perform repairs. To open your computer case, you must remove the side cover of your tower. This allows you to remove or install add-in cards, add memory and update components, according to Gateway.


Shut down your computer and disconnect all cables from the rear panel. Press the power button to discharge any remaining charges in your computer.


Remove the single screw in the back of your computer case and set it aside. Some newer model Gateway computers use a thumbscrew that can be turned by hand, or ship without a screw.


Locate the cover release switch common on more recent Gateway computer towers. If your computer is older, check the rear panel for two release levers. Press the cover release switch or squeeze the cover release levers together to unfasten the side from the computer.


Lift or pull the side cover away from your Gateway tower PC. Place the side cover safely aside until you are ready to replace it.


  • close Be careful when you remove the side of your computer.
  • close Make sure the power cord is disconnected before doing anything inside the computer case. Parts of the system may be powered even when the system is off. You could risk personal injury or damage to circuitry if the power is not disconnected.
  • close Do not reach into the computer without first touching the metal frame of your computer case to discharge any static electricity.

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