How to Remove a Stuck CD from CD ROM Drive

by Contributor

If you have a CD that is stuck in the CD ROM drive of your computer, there is a simple method that is likely to work in removing it. To make sure that the CD is truly stuck, be sure to restart your computer and hit the CD ROM drive eject button several times. If the CD is stuck, follow these simple steps to remove it.

Turn your computer off. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Find a large paperclip and straighten one end of it.

Locate the small hole on the front of your CD ROM drive on your computer. If you don't find a small hole, check to see if there is a small grove below the CD ROM drive door.

Insert the paperclip into the hole so you can release the CD ROM drive door catch. When you feel some resistance, keep pushing until the door opens.

Remove the paperclip and use your hand to physically pull the door out all of the way, if necessary.

Remove the CD when the CD ROM drive opens. If the CD has been shattered, remove all of the pieces and throw them away. If you can't locate all of the pieces, you will need to get a computer technician to check your computer.

Investigate the reason why the CD was stuck in the CD ROM drive to help prevent the situation from occurring in the future.


  • check If the CD ROM drive door still will not open, you should open the computer case or contact a computer technician.

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