How to Remove a Stock Ford Radio

by Nichole Liandi

If you plan on installing an aftermarket stereo into your Ford vehicle, one of the first things you'll need to do is to remove the factory stereo from the dash. Fortunately for you, the factory radio in many Ford models is very easy to remove. You just need a simple set of tools and you'll be done in a minute or two.

Step 1

DIN tools (NL Graphics)

Purchase a pair of DIN tools. These are simple wire tools that unlatch the radio from its mount. You can get these tools at many auto supply stores or purchase them online (see link in Resources).

Step 2

Radio face (NL Graphics)

Insert the DIN tools into the face of the factory radio. One DIN tool goes into each side of the face. Simply insert the pointed ends into the holes on the face of the radio. Insert the tools far enough until you detect a click.

Push the DIN tools slightly outward and then pull the radio toward you and out of the dash. Disconnect the plug and antenna connection on the back of the radio by pulling them out with a firm outward motion. Your factory radio has been removed.

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