How to Remove the Speaker Deck in a Cadillac

By Nichole Liandi

In many Cadillac sedans the vehicle's rear speakers are mounted in the rear deck of the car. While some models let you access the speakers by removing a grille or going in from the trunk, in many models you'll need to remove the rear deck to get to the speakers. You can do this with a few basic tools.

Pull up firmly on the front edge of the rear seat bottom cushion and lift the seat up. Remove the bottom cushion from the car.

Remove any bolts or nuts on the lower edge of the rear seat back cushion. The number and size of nuts or bolts will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Lift the rear seat back cushion up and remove it from the car.

Pry out the side panels located directly behind the rear doors with a panel tool. Remove the panels when they're loose.

Pry out and remove the side panels located to the sides and above the rear deck panel, using a panel tool.

Pry out any retaining clips on the front edge of the rear deck panel. Pull the rear deck forward and remove it. You can now access the speakers.