How to Remove the Sophos Antivirus From a Mac

by Stephen Ip

Sophos provides a variety of computer security software products for enterprise and small business use. These products include anti-virus, anti-spam and software firewall solutions for companies using computers running either the Windows or Macintosh operating systems. System administrators that need to remove Sophos Anti-Virus from computers running the Mac OS X operating system can do so using the provided uninstaller.


Log in to the administrator account on the Macintosh computer. Doing so will require the username and password for the administrator account.


Click on the "Finder" icon in the dock or in the Application folder to open a new Finder window. Navigate to the Sophos Anti-Virus folder by clicking on "Macintosh HD," "Application Support" and "Sophos Anti-Virus."


Click on "Remove Sophos Anti-Virus.pkg" to start the uninstaller. Follow the instructions provided to uninstall the software.


Search for support files for Sophos Anti-Virus using the search bar in the upper right corner of the Finder window. Type in "Sophos Anti-Virus" and remove any files found by dragging them to the Trash in the dock. Delete these files by emptying the Trash.


Restart the computer to allow the changes to take affect.

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