How to Remove Smart Shopper

by Sabrina Ashley

SmartShopper is a browser helper through Internet Explorer. The program monitors and keeps track of your searches and your web activity. SmartShopper then selects advertisements compatible with your web browsing. Pop-ups appear on your screen as a way to help you to shop, but some find these pop-up ads annoying. SmartShopper may also hijack your computer, changing the homepage and your other preferences. If you'd like to remove SmartShopper, it is easy to do.

Click the "Start" menu at the bottom of your desktop.

Click on "Control Panel."

Click "Add or Remove Programs" for Windows XP computers. Click on "Programs" and then "Programs and Features" for Windows 7 and Vista.

Scroll through the list of installed programs to find "SmartShopper." Click on the item to highlight it.

Click on "Change/Remove" for Windows XP computers. For Windows 7 and Vista, click on "Uninstall."

Confirm the deletion of SmartShopper.

Reboot your computer to complete the removal of SmartShopper.

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