How to Remove Sleep Mode in an iPod

By Will Conley

On the iPod classic, nano and shuffle, "sleep mode" happens when the iPod has not played music for a few minutes. The screen goes blank on the classic and nano, and the controls are deactivated on all three models to conserve power until any button is pressed. Sleep mode on the iPod touch is the same as "locked" mode--that is, the screen goes blank and the controls are deactivated until the sleep/wake button is pressed and the lock slider is slid to the right. The only model for which sleep mode can be removed is the iPod touch.

Step 1

Press the sleep/wake button on the top edge of your iPod touch to activate the touchscreen.

Step 2

Slide the slider at the bottom of the screen to unlock it. Enter the unlock code if one has been set.

Step 3

Touch the "Settings" icon.

Step 4

Touch the "General" menu item.

Step 5

Touch the "Auto-Lock" menu item.

Touch the "Never" option.