How to Remove Saved Websites in Google Chrome

By Joshua Phillips

You can bookmark any Web page in Firefox.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

When you want to delete a bookmark, you can do so in Google Chrome in two different ways: by deleting it directly through the Bookmark Manager, Chrome's name for its native bookmark organizer tool, or through the bookmarked page itself. In addition, Chrome also gives you the ability to reverse the deletion of a bookmark through its Bookmark Manager, just in case you accidentally delete the wrong bookmark.

Step 1

Open the Chrome menu, hover your mouse over "Bookmarks" and click "Bookmark Manager."

Step 2

Hover your mouse over the bookmark you want to delete and click the downwards arrow on the right side of the bookmark.

Step 3

Click "Delete" from the drop-down menu to delete the bookmark from Chrome.

Step 4

Click "Organize" followed by "Undo Delete" in the drop-down menu to undo the deletion of a bookmark. However, once you close the Bookmark Manager, you can no longer undo a bookmark's deletion.