How to Remove Recent Searches From an iPhone

By Elizabeth Smith

Your iPhone search history is easy to keep private.
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When you use the built-in Safari Web browser on the iPhone, it saves your recent searches. Each time you start to enter a new term in the search field, your search history pops up. For some iPhone users, the search history can be embarrassing or reveal private information. Whether you want to hide your recent searches from friends or you're just tired of seeing the list, erasing the search history is a simple process.


Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPhone home screen. In the Settings menu, select the "Safari" tab. Look for the options that read "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data." If you want to remove only your recent searches, tap on the "Clear History" button. In the menu that pops up, select "Clear History" to confirm your choice. If you also want to remove tracking data and preserved login information, click the "Clear Cookies and Data" button.

Private Browsing

To prevent Safari from storing your future search history, turn on private browsing. In the Safari section of Settings, tap the toggle switch next to Private Browsing to the "On" position to turn on the feature. When you use Safari in private browsing mode, your phone does not keep track of your searches, visited pages or the passwords you enter.