How to Remove Reblog on Tumblr

by Mircea Gabriel Suciu
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By disabling the Reblog button on your Tumblr blog you will prevent unauthorized redistribution of your posts and will increase traffic to your page. The website allows you to view and edit the source code of your theme through an online text editor. You can use this feature to locate the code that corresponds to the Reblog button and edit its "display" property using CSS.

Step 1

Click "Customize" on your Tumblr home screen and select "Edit HTML" from the Custom Theme section to open the source code of your page in an online text editor.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl-F" and type "{ReblogButton}" (without quotes) in the search box. Press "Enter" to locate an occurrence of the Reblog button in the source code.

Step 3

Delete all lines from the code that contain "{ReblogButton}." For example, if the button is defined as part of a list, you would see the line "

  • {ReblogButton}
  • " in the source code. Remove it completely and repeat for all lines that display the button on your Tumblr page.

    Click "Save" to save your preferences.


    • If you are an advanced HTML and CSS developer, you can also use custom CSS styling to hide the button by editing the "display" or "visibility" properties of the ReblogButton element. For further instructions on this method, visit the Custom Themes creation page on Tumblr (link in Resources).


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