How to Remove the Rear Speaker in a Mitsubishi Montero

by Nichole Liandi

There are two primary reasons why you will want to remove a rear speaker from your Mitsubishi Montero. Either one of the existing factory speakers has quit working and you want to replace it, or you want to remove a working speaker so that you can substitute a better-quality aftermarket speaker in its place. In either case, You will have to remove the existing speaker, located in the rear back side panels of the Montero, so that you can access the speaker locations.

Lift the rear seat all the way up and towards the front of the vehicle.

Remove the five Phillips screws holding the scuff plate at the rear opening of the vehicle. Remove the scuff plate.

Use a panel tool to pry off two screw covers on the edge of the headliner in the cargo area. Remove the Phillips screws located behind each of the covers.

Pull the carpet away from the edges of the rear-side panel. Remove four Phillips screws located below the carpet at the bottom of the rear-side panel. Remove the two Phillips screws holding the cargo cover hooks located on the rear-side panel.

Pry around the bottom and back edges of the rear-side panel and pull the panel out far enough to access the speaker.

Remove four Phillips screws from the edge of the speaker with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the speaker out of the door and unplug the wiring harness connected to the back.


  • check You can purchase a panel tool at most auto parts stores.

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