How to Remove a Radio From a Ford Truck

By Nichole Liandi

Ford trucks usually come equipped with a radio in the dashboard. But if you're an audio enthusiast who wants a radio with higher performance, or you want to replace the existing radio with one that has more features, you'll need to remove the existing factory radio from the truck.

DIN tools (illustration by NL)

Turn off the radio after removing any tapes or CDs you may have in it.

Inserting the DIN tools (illustration by NL)

Insert your DIN tools into the openings on the sides of the radio (see the diagram). Push the tools in firmly until you feel a click. Now push outward on the tools and pull the radio toward you.

As the radio slides out of the dash, put a hand underneath it to hold it up, and unplug the connectors on the back. There will be two of these--one for the antenna and one for the speaker and wiring connections.