How to Remove a Radio From a Crossfire

By Mark Slingo

Aftermarket stereos can enhance your enjoyment of music.
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Car factory issue stereos come in custom designs attached to the dashboard of the car. They include basic features such as a CD player and an AM/FM transmitter. A wide range of aftermarket stereos exists for car owners to customize their cars. Extra features that these stereos can include are MP3 players, navigation aids, Bluetooth connectivity and DVD players. Chrysler Crossfire owners wishing to install an aftermarket stereo must first remove the factory-issued one in a simple process requiring a special removal key.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery using the adjustable wrench. This is a precaution against short circuit or the risk of electric shock.

Insert the DIN tools into the slots on the lower edge of the radio until they click into place. The DIN tools are available from car dealerships and car audio retailers. Pull on the rings on the tools to slide the radio out of its housing on the dashboard.

Disconnect the wire harness by pushing the tab on the side and pulling the connections apart. Unplug the black radio antenna cable. Place the discarded stereo to one side.