How to Remove the Radio in a Chevy Colorado

By Nichole Liandi

The factory stereo installed in the Chevy Colorado only has an AM/FM stereo tuner and a CD player. Many aftermarket stereos, on the other hand, have auxiliary inputs, iPod control and options for setting up Bluetooth wireless. If you want to install an aftermarket stereo in your Chevy Colorado, the first step will be to remove the existing factory stereo. You can do this job with some basic hand tools and a little time.

Eject any CDs that may be in the factory radio. Turn off the ignition of the truck, put it in park and set the parking brake.

Reach underneath the trim panel surrounding the radio, below the climate controls. Grasp the bottom edge of the panel and pull it firmly towards you. As the bottom comes lose, work around the edge of the trim panel with a panel tool to completely remove it.

Take out the three 7-mm screws on the perimeter of the radio. Pull the radio towards you and slide it out of the dash. Disconnect the connectors and the antenna plug on the back of the radio and remove the radio from the truck.