How to Remove the Radio in a Chevrolet Truck

by Nichole Liandi

The car radio in a Chevrolet pickup truck is located to the right of the driver, above the climate controls. You may wish to remove the radio for a number of reasons, primarily to replace a defective radio with a factory replacement model, replace the radio with a higher performance aftermarket model, or to get access to the connection of the radio, as might be necessary if you were hooking up an amplifier. Whatever your reason, you won't have too much difficulty. The radio can be removed in a relatively short period of time.

Eject any media, like CDs or cassettes, from the radio. Turn off the ignition and set the parking brake for the truck.

Pry around the edges of the dash trim panel with a panel tool. The trim panel surrounds the radio, climate controls, instrument cluster and several vents, and is a large piece of trim. Work around the perimeter of the panel and pull it away from the dash when it's completely loose.

Press down on the plastic tabs, one on either side of the radio. Pull the radio towards you while the tabs are depressed.

Unplug the connectors hooked up to the back of the radio.

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