How to Remove the Radio in a Buick Century

By Nichole Liandi

i Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Buick Century as produced by General Motors came equipped with an in-dash stereo. Owners who want to upgrade the stereo system by buying and installing an aftermarket stereo must remove this existing factory radio before they can undertake the improvement. While some disassembly of the dash is required, it's not a complicated procedure.

Step 1

Set the parking brake for the car, and use your adjustable wrench to remove the negative cable from the battery.

Step 2

Loosen and remove two 9/32-inch screws located below the housing holding the climate controls. Pull the housing off and remove.

Step 3

Pry off a round plastic clip on the left side of the knee panel (underneath the steering wheel) with your panel tool. Remove a 9/32-inch screw from the right side of the knee panel and remove the knee panel.

Step 4

Open the glove box. Remvoe the 9/32-inch screw from the bottom of the panel underneath the right side of the glove box, then pull the panel off.

Step 5

Pry off the fuse panel cover at the right side end of the dash. Remove the 9/32-inch screw that is revealed.

Step 6

Adjust the steering wheel to its lowest position and put the gear shift into "low." Pull the dash panel away from the dash, and then up and over the steering column.

Step 7

Remove three 9/32-inch screws holding the radio in place. Pull the radio out from the dash and unplug the harnesses on the back of the radio. Remove the radio.