How to Remove the Protection From an AVI File

by Joshua Bailey

AVI files are digital video files that can be played on computers and many media devices. Many digital media file formats, like MP4 and MP3, have protection on them that make the file only playable on a certain number of machines. While most AVI files do not have any protection on them, there are some that do. If you do find a protected AVI file, the only way to remove the protection is to convert the AVI into another type of media file.

iPod Video Converter

Step 1

Download and install "iPod Video Converter." The iPod version of this video converter, which is free, is recommended because it converts the video file into an MP4 which is much more widely accepted by devices.

Step 2

Open iPod Video Converter and click "Video File" to begin the set up. Click "Normal Mode" and "Select File" on the page that appears. Select your AVI file that you want to remove protection from. Click "Open" to load it into the program.

Step 3

Name the resulting video in the next line. Click "Next" to proceed to video settings. Slide the settings bar to "New" for "Video Format." For "Video Size" use "TV." For "Video Quality" use "Best." Click "Next."

Click "Start Converting" to begin the conversion process. Your AVI video will be converted into an unprotected MP4 file.

Arcsoft MediaConverter

Step 1

Download and install "Arcsoft MediaConverter." Unlike iPod Video Converter, MediaConverter is not free. It does have basically the same functions as iPod Video Converter.

Step 2

Open MediaConverter and click the large "MP4" button on the left side of the window that appears. This will put the software into the MP4 profile.

Step 3

Click the "Add File" button at the top of the software window and select your AVI file from your computer. Click "Open" to load it into MediaConverter. The MP4 profile you selected previously will have entered the optimal settings for the conversion. Click "OK" and the conversion will start.

Locate your new MP4 video file in your local video folder.

Xilisoft Video Converter

Step 1

Download "Xilisoft Video Converter" from the resource section of this guide. Install the software by double-clicking the downloaded file.

Step 2

Open the software and you will be brought to the main menu. Click the "Add file" button at the top of the menu. Locate your AVI file from the window that appears. Click "Add file" to add it to Xilisoft.

Step 3

Click the "Profile" drop down menu and select the "PS3" profile as the default. The PS3 uses the MP4 format, making it the most universal format available.

Click the "Convert" button at the top of the menu and your AVI file will be stripped of its protection, and converted into a more accepted format as well.


  • To convert your file back into an AVI file, do the exact same steps, but use the "AVI" profile in iPod Video 9, Arcsoft or Xilisoft. This takes a little more time, but it is necessary if you need your file to remain in AVI format.


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