How to Remove Programs in the Control Panel

by Gregory Hamel

Windows operating systems have an area known as the Control Panel, from which many important administrative tasks can be carried out. One of the most basic uses of the Control Panel is to access a list of programs which allows the user to alter or uninstall any program on the list. If your computer is getting low on hard drive space, or you suspect you have unused programs wasting space, you should consider removing programs with the Control Panel.

Click "Start," then click "Control Panel."

Double click on "Add/Remove Programs." In Windows XP. Double click on "Programs and Features," for Windows Vista. A list of your installed programs will appear in a new window.

Go through the list of programs and locate the one you want to remove.

Right click on the program, and select "Uninstall/Change," "Change/Remove" or "Uninstall." (Options present vary by program.)

Follow the uninstaller instructions that appear to complete uninstallation. The instructions will vary by program, because the feature simply activates the uninstaller for the specific program. Usually, you just have to press "Next," a few times and/or "Uninstall."


  • check Sometimes uninstalling, then reinstalling a program will fix errors. After uninstalling a program, empty folders may remain in your program files folder. Move them to the recycle bin to get rid of them.

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