How to Remove Processes From Task Manager

by Stephen Lilley

Windows Task Manager is a program built into Microsoft's Windows Operating System. It keeps track of all processes that are running on your computer at any given time. It also provides detailed information on exactly how these processes are affecting the performance of your computer. With certain programs designed to run in the background, sometimes the only way to turn them off is through the Task Manager.

Bring up the Task Manager by pressing the "CTRL," "ALT" and "DEL" buttons on your keyboard at the same time. Depending on your version of Windows, this will either call up the Task Manager immediately or take you to a separate screen with a few options. If you get taken to that separate screen, select "Start Task Manager."

Click on the "Processes" tab in the main Task Manager window. This will bring up a list of every process running on your computer. You can sort them by name, how much memory they are taking up or which username they are active under.

Left-click on the process you want to shut down.

Click on the "End Task" button at the bottom of the Task Manager window. This will end the process, freeing up whatever system resources it was using so that other processes can now use them.

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