How to Remove Pop Up Ads

By Jacqui Lane

Advertising on the World Wide Web often comes in the form of banner or pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are web browser advertising windows that launch when you visit a certain website. These can range from annoying to dangerous, with some containing links that, when visited, will infect your computer with spyware or viruses. Luckily, popular web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer include built-in pop-up blockers.

Launch Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Click on the "Tools" menu in Firefox. From that menu, select "Options." If you're using Internet Explorer, click "Tools" and then "Pop-Up Blocker;" choose "Turn On Pop-Up Blocker" from the menu that appears.

Click "Content" in the Firefox "Options" menu. Click on the checkbox that says "Block pop-up windows."

Customize the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups on sites that you trust.Sometimes a site will use a pop-up window to open a link that you've clicked on. If you have all pop-ups blocked, then it will block both good and bad pop-up windows.

In Firefox, click "Exceptions" next to "Block pop-up windows" in the Content tab of the Options menu. Type the URL of the website and click "Allow." Close the Exceptions window and click "OK" on the bottom of the Options window to save your changes.

In Internet Explorer, click "Tools" and "Pop-Up Blocker," then select "Pop-Up Blocker Settings" from the menu options that appear. Enter the web address of the site that you want to allow pop-ups on and click "Add." Close the menu when you are done.