How to Remove Pictures From Windows Media Player

By Kefa Olang

i Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a free media player popularly used on Windows operating systems. It allows you to upload and playback music, videos and photos. If your WMP library is crowded with pictures, you can remove the ones you no longer want and organize the library a little better. With WMP, you can delete pictures quickly and easily using simple guidelines.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" menu and click "All Programs." Click "Windows Media Player" to launch the media player.

Step 2

Click the "Library" tab located on the top and click "Pictures" on the pop-up menu. Click "All Pictures" on the left panel under "Library." You should see all the pictures uploaded to the WMP library.

Step 3

Right-click the picture you want to remove and click "Delete." Specify whether you want to remove the picture only from the WMP library or if you want to remove it from the library and the computer. Click "OK." To select multiple pictures, press and hold "CTRL" as you click each picture you want to remove. Right-click the selection and click "Delete." Select the delete option you want and click "OK."