How to Remove Photos From Motorola Phones

by Seneca Ryan

There is not one standard way to remove photos from all Motorola phones, because there are several different models on the market. Motorola does, however, have two models, the Razr and the Android, that have been quite popular, and other models may also use the same or similar directions to remove photos.

Step 1

Using the Motorola Android phone, select, "Application," then "Gallery" then "Picture."

Step 2

Tap and hold to select the picture, then select "Delete."

Step 3

Using the Motorola Razr phone, select "Menu," then "Gallery" or "Fun & Apps," then "Picture."

Select the picture that you want to delete, tap the menu key, then select "Delete."


  • For the easiest way to learn how to delete photos from any other specific Motorola phone, visit Motorola's contact page to contact a technician or visit their mobile phone support page. Select your specific model and then "User Guide."

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